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A good story
works wonders

Business Storytelling for Managers and Teams


Managing by
storying around

Business Storytelling for Managers and Teams

It was fantastic. Inspirational.
Innovative and yet recognizable.
Fascinating from the first to the last minute.

Stories truly Communicate

When we are among friends, we tell plenty of stories. Strangely enough, we stop doing that at work and act “professionally”. That’s a shame, because we are ignoring the power of storytelling. Stories help you to break through patterns, grow trust and commitment, and improve collaboration.

Stop telling facts. Start telling stories!

Stories make us Human

We all have feelings. You, your co-workers, even your managers. We are fascinated as soon as we hear a beautiful story in which we recognize ourselves. Especially when we can relate to that emotionally. That’s why we love stories. And storytellers.

Awaken the storyteller in you!

Tell a fascinating story and people listen.
Make it personal and you gain trust.
Put a message in it and you persuade.


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