Erik Mathlener

My side of the story

Who is this Erik anyway?

Well, someone who loves stories. It all started in 2006 when I visited a storytelling performance for the first time. Together with 40 other adults I was totally absorbed by a fairy tale that lasted 90 minutes (!). The old and compelling storyteller told it by heart. That night, I craved to be able to entice an audience in that manner. Two weeks later I joined a storytelling course, and the rest is history.

Fairy tales? Nope.

Today, I use the stories of my clients to show them the power of storytelling. Business life is all about trust, collaboration and leadership. Telling the right story authentically really has a profound impact.

Creative genes

I thank my parents for the beautiful genes they passed on to me. I too stick with a project until it makes sense. I also like good discussions and funny chatter. I can simplify things with my usual language. I tell my stories enthusiastically and with sparkling eyes. As a child I can look at the world with optimism. I enjoy to approach life from an absurd side. My surprising perspective enriches conversations. I ask sobering questions that others keep to themselves. I question the unwritten rules. With an eye for beauty and the people around me.
“You can reach people,” a friend said to me recently. Nice right?


On stage I try to be myself as much as possible. I don’t want to be an actor. And that is not always easy – despite extensive preparation, being on a stage is always exciting. Fortunately, I manage to control my nerves and usually relax after a few minutes. And then the magic of storytelling can really start to work.

A good speaker doesn’t speak

No, a good speaker has a conversation with the audience! They have come to learn something new and to be inspired. This works best if they themselves feel the power of a good story and participate in the performance. That’s why I ask questions, I make room for the audience to tell stories, I give time to think.

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