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A strong organizational culture through storytelling. A presentation showing your DNA.

Organizational culture is your success factor

There’s no getting around it: the organizational culture is crucial to success. Especially if you want to grow, merge or implement a new strategy. But can you explain what your culture is? And is that the culture you want, or should something change?

Prior to the presentation, I call various people from the company: from managers, bookkeepers, production workers to the cleaners. From the stories they tell me, I distil your customs, your values, your DNA. Of course, every anecdote is anonymized. Well, most of them…

This presentation is about you

You hear and see your company language, manners, clothing, interaction, and rituals. These are made strikingly visible in the many stories and anecdotes from your organization. The presentation is like a large mirror in which you recognize the soul of your enterprise or organisation. Hilarious!

Results of the presentation

It becomes clear to the audience: “Yes, exactly, that’s how we are. And I feel at home.” The pride in the organization buzzes through the room. Perhaps your organizational culture is now being identified and recognized for the first time. Usually people are unaware of their culture. They just need to be told in a nice story.

Who, what, how long?

  • The presentation is intended for all employees of the organization. After all, it is about you and your values ​​and manners. Why don’t you invite your customers to get to know you better?
  • And whether you only have 20 minutes or an hour and a half: I will make sure that people recognize their culture.
  • The audience size is unlimited.
  • The presentation can take place physically on location, provided that is possible in terms of the corona virus. I would be happy to meet you in person! A perfect alternative is a webinar in which you will experience just as much energy and interaction.

Why would you choose me?

Because your congress, seminar or company event needs a powerful speaker. After all, you want something to change. You are looking for a speaker who combines years of business experience with authenticity and a perfect performance. With a lot of interaction and fun. You get a passionate storyteller, trainer and TEDx speaker coach. Look here for more background information.

Your company culture displayed at your (online) event?

Call me at +31 (0)6-36223055 or mail to and we will quickly see if we have a match.

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