Inspire. Gain trust. Be remarkable.

Learn the skills from a professional storyteller

Storytelling Workshops (OnLive)

training how to tell a story as good leadership

Grow the Trust in your Leadership

Move forward as a storytelling leader and make your team believe in you. Win their hearts with your authenticity, your vision and… your stories.

presenting with storytelling

Netflix-ise your Presentations

Blow away your audience. Use powerful storytelling to captivate and motivate them. Find your stories and share them with ease.

tailor-made storytelling training

Get your Tailor-Made Workshop

Do you want a customized Storytelling training to improve teamwork, leadership or trust? The training can be on-line or live, as desired.

OnLive Workshops: energetic and interactive

I find most webinars boring and long-winded. Speakers turn on their PowerPoint and crawl into the corner of the screen. Where is the essential connection? That’s why OnLive at StoryManagement is completely different. We all turn on our camera and microphone and get together, as if you were in my training room. And then we talk, laugh, move and learn.

  • Vibrant, active and… fun!
  • Content, video, discussion, music, movement, experiments, STORYTELLING
  • Friendly and safe, as only six can participate
  • Comfortable from your own living room!

Where you normally leave a workshop tired, I just left full of energy. Erik’s personality, approach and intrinsic motivation make the training fun and educational. Highly recommended!

Shashi Baboeram Panday, CFO Talpa Media

In-company Training

Imagine how valuable it is to experience a storytelling workshop with your colleagues. By sharing your stories, you get to know and appreciate each other from a different perspective! We can do this on location or OnLive.

Individual Training

Do you find it more comfortable to have one on one guidance to improve your presentation technique? Choose your personal coach. You get all the attention, and we can work closely on your narrative, preferably OnLive.

Open enrollment

Join a workshop in a small and safe group of individuals you have never met before. Just register on the form at the bottom of each workshop page, and you’re on board!

cursus storytelling workshop in-company

For whom?

You want to improve yourself and you have heard that Storytelling will help. The workshops are specifically aimed at:

  • Executives, who want more effective meetings
  • Consultants, who want to explain something difficult in a simple way
  • Managers, who want to increase their self-confidence
  • Trainers, who want the curriculum to stick
  • Coaches, who want to deploy a new resource
  • Project Managers, who want a project to succeed
  • CEOs, who want to maintain the culture in their growing organization
  • Leaders, who want to present more authentically

Some of my clients

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