Grow the Trust in your Leadership


Good leadership is about storytelling

Your co-managers, employees and customers will only listen to you if they trust you. But how do you earn that trust?

Show yourself. Who are you, where do you come from, what are your values? What drives you? Tell them your story and they will relate.

You are only 3 workshops away from being a storytelling leader!

Develop your leadership skills

Part 1: Storytelling fuels Trust

This first workshop will reveal the secrets of storytelling. Why are people so eager to hear a story, believe every word of it and therefore believe the narrator? You will see some great examples of storytelling used in business and beyond that are compelling evidence of the correlation between storytelling and trust.

  • Our brain is a real story machine
  • The powerful effects of story
  • Experiment with a true story of yours
  • The Game of Trust
  • What should your story be about?
  • Assignment: find your personal story

Part 2: Boost your story

The second workshop brings focus on the personal stories each of you have dug up. We will discuss the meaning of these stories and experience that we really get to know one another now. But, the story must be powerful to generate the confidence people will have in you. The power of story is immense. But only if the right narrative elements are used.

  • Stories are shared in 1 minute versions
  • The universal structure of a good story
  • Narrative elements that make the story exciting
  • Recreate the experience
  • Timing and story length
  • Assignment: write out your story, send it in, and receive personal feedback

Part 3: Tell the story

We will review the feedback provided so that everyone can learn from it. Then, after a series of tips and tricks for telling a story, everyone shares their story. The workshop is about telling, getting feedback, trying again in a different way and learning by listening to others. You will see for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

  • About memorization
  • Introducing a personal story
  • Body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, use of voice
  • Make it real, do not act
  • Tell and improve through personal feedback
  • And now?

I say go for it! Erik teaches you a lot in a short time and everything is immediately applicable.

Kaat Vink, Emergency investigator

Storytelling is your new leadership skill

  • You understand why a story generates trust
  • You know the essential elements of a great story
  • You can turn a simple event into a compelling story
  • You can share your own personal story
  • You will tell easily, authentically and convincingly
  • You will gain people’s trust

Are you ready to develop your leadership with storytelling?

Great! Indicate where you want to improve, or which aspect of storytelling is still unknown territory for you. Feel free to get in touch if you want advice on what will be best for you.

How does this online training storytelling work?

Only 6 people can participate in the program. Due to this small group, you receive personal attention, tips and feedback. Everyone has their camera and microphone turned on – so you can just talk and see each other. This is what it looks like. You join the workshop comfortably at your kitchen table, and thanks to the unique OnLive approach, it feels like we are together in one of my comfortable training locations. Each workshop lasts 1½ hours, including a short coffee break. To keep you alert there is variation: explanations, experiments, discussion, telling with feedback, example stories, video clips and  of course assignments. Lively contact and energy guaranteed!

Your trainer is a professional storyteller

I am Erik Mathlener and I worked as a project manager and consultant for 25 years. I talked a lot with customers in business, gave presentations and provided training. 15 years ago I was infected with Storytelling and ever since I use this amazing tool in presentations at conferences and business meetings. And of course I teach the power of storytelling in workshops and training programs. I am the author of the practical book “Storytelling in three acts”, co-founder of the Storytelling Guild in the Netherlands and volunteer as TEDx speaker coach.

“What a super fun and inspiring workshop it was! I apply it directly in my work for the hospital. Very happy!”
Hedwich Rinkes, Program Manager at Tjongerschans Hospital, The Netherlands

In-company workshop

Imagine how valuable it is to experience this with your colleagues. By telling stories, you get to know and appreciate each other from a different perspective! Ask about the possibilities for an attractive in-company training. We can do this on location or OnLive.

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Personal coaching

Do you find it more comfortable to have one-on-one guidance to improve your storytelling skills? Choose your personal coach. You get all the attention, and we can work closely on your narrative, preferably OnLive.

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