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Exclusive Storytelling Workshops – just for you

Every organization is unique and has its own challenges. This requires a specific application of storytelling in a tailor-made workshop.

Do you have issues of commitment, involvement, culture, efficiency, collaboration, strategy, responsibilities, or the implementation of change? By telling (or listening to) the right stories, you break through patterns and you can take big steps.

Let’s investigate the possibilities

What are your concerns?

When you tell the right story, it makes you strong, credible and reliable as a manager. You can do that too, and move the company forward.

  • Strategy: Make sure people get it, and live by it
  • Change: Make people understand why
  • Commitment: Foster enthusiasm and pride in the company
  • Collaboration: Share the same dream and let each other shine
  • Responsibilities: Make them clear with narrative examples
  • Corporate culture: Connect your personal and corporate values
  • …. What do you want to improve in your organization?

Degree of investment

Sometimes a 2-hour workshop is enough. And sometimes it takes weeks or months to initiate a change. Let’s discuss what it takes to achieve your goal. Money shouldn’t be the problem: there are storytelling workshops for every budget.

Where shall we meet?

A workshop can take place physically on location, provided that is possible in terms of the coronavirus. I would be happy to meet you in person! A perfect alternative is an OnLive workshop in which we will experience just as much energy and interaction.

What do you need to take the next step?

On the Workshops Page you can see the most requested training courses. In addition, much more is possible. Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation, what you want to achieve and how a storytelling training, lecture or coaching program can help you.

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