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Storytelling at work: the 10 pitfalls

impact with a story

“Use Business Storytelling to create impact,” you heard somewhere. “Changing, influencing, inspiring, storytelling works!” But watch out! A lot can go wrong when you tell a story at work. Before you have that desired impact, your audience goes through a few steps. First, they have to want to hear your story at all. Second, they… Lees verder

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Never say ‘Let me tell you a story’

how to start a story

You often see it in TED talks. The speaker suddenly says “Let me tell you a story. A few years ago…” and then comes up with something that has nothing of a remotely powerful story. What a missed opportunity! The audience drops out Let Me Tell You a Story has become a clichĂ©. One speaker after… Lees verder

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Some of my clients

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