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7 August 2020  |  Category: Blog

storytelling in just a few sentencesSeven shirts, five summer blouses and three jeans to go. I’ve been ironing for an hour!
“Mom, where are you?”
“Yes, here, in the living room. What is it?”
“Emma and I are going to have lunch in town.”
“Oh Emma, ​​hello.” I put down the steaming iron and wipe the sweat from my forehead. “Does your mother hate ironing too?”
The answer was astounding. I was just silent about it. She said, “We let someone else do that.”

We let someone else do that. I want that too. How wonderful would be if we also had someone who would do all those tedious chores here. Then I would have time to lunch in the city too. And talking to people I haven’t seen for a long time. And the stupid thing is: I’m not even good at ironing. Why am I still doing it myself?

That’s a question we don’t ask ourselves enough. Why do we still do some things ourselves? Blogging, for example. It takes you a lot of time to get it right. You may not even like it. What if you could say: I let someone else do that?

A mini story is also powerful

I wrote this super short story together with a ghost blogger, who wanted to do more with storytelling. So you see that a story does not have to be long to evoke images. Such a recognizable image makes people think. It’s a relaxed way to get your message across, without pushing. Give it a try yourself, and you will see that suddenly people listen to you in a completely different way.

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