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Never make this mistake in your presentation
11 September 2023  |  Category: Blog

saaie presentatie waarbij het publiek in slaap valt Photo: Kris Krüg, Flickr Recently, I gave a presentation that was quite challenging. It felt like I was pulling a dead horse from the very beginning, and that started within the first few seconds. What went wrong? I was invited to tell over a hundred Drenthe hospitality entrepreneurs how to integrate regional stories into their businesses. Read more

Keep your stories short – and powerful
7 August 2020  |  Category: Blog

storytelling in just a few sentences Seven shirts, five summer blouses and three jeans to go. I’ve been ironing for an hour! “Mom, where are you?” “Yes, here, in the living room. What is it?” “Emma and I are going to have lunch in town.” “Oh Emma, ​​hello.” Read more

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