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What is the true story of the manager?
8 March 2021  |  Category: Blog

true stories humanize managers and professionals Everyone was afraid of him. The CEO was known as a terrible bogeyman. The wildest stories circulated about him. He brushed off other people’s opinions. He put friends in nice positions. People sometimes ran out of his office crying. In short, you’d rather stay away from him. Read more

Keep your stories short – and powerful
7 August 2020  |  Category: Blog

storytelling in just a few sentences Seven shirts, five summer blouses and three jeans to go. I’ve been ironing for an hour! “Mom, where are you?” “Yes, here, in the living room. What is it?” “Emma and I are going to have lunch in town.” “Oh Emma, ​​hello.” Read more

Storytelling at work: the 10 pitfalls
6 February 2019  |  Category: Blog

impact with a story “Use Business Storytelling to create impact,” you heard somewhere. “Changing, influencing, inspiring, storytelling works!” But watch out! A lot can go wrong when you tell a story at work. Before you have that desired impact, your audience goes through a few steps. Read more

Never say ‘Let me tell you a story’
26 April 2017  |  Category: Blog

how to start a story You often see it in TED talks. The speaker suddenly says “Let me tell you a story. A few years ago…” and then comes up with something that has nothing of a remotely powerful story. What a missed opportunity! The audience drops out Let Me Tell You a Story has become a cliché. Read more

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