Why are you so distant at work?

28 May 2019  |  Category: Blog

be authentic at work and tell your storyBert has been doing it like this for years.
Bert knows a lot about his profession as a doctor.
Bert talks about tools , training strategy and effective working methods .

Tell it in the first person

Bert was one of the participants of the in-company storytelling training. During the 2nd afternoon he had found a story to convey his message. It was a great story, but it could be better. I gave him two tips to make the story more powerful. ‘Don’t talk about what people are doing in the ward, but tell it in the I-form. Take us to your department and show us what happened. ‘ He made a good attempt, but found it difficult. He was not used to this.

Show emotion!

My second feedback point was more effective: ‘Show emotion. It’s too businesslike now, I don’t feel anything about it. At what point did you get angry or had doubts? Where were you shocked or happy? ‘

Bert has heard this before. For him it is always about the facts and the content, he admitted. With a small smile he said, ‘That’s what my son even says: you’re always so rational, Dad.’ He understood my advice and got to work with it.


Then came the closing afternoon of the training. Everyone would tell his / her story in front of the group. In the end it was Bert’s turn. His story had gotten better, now contained doubt and a slight sense of shock. He’s on the right track, but he’s not there yet.

What I loved was what he said in the evaluation: ‘I now also use this insight in my normal life. I show more emotion when I struggle with something, or find something difficult. Showing vulnerability. I never did that before. Now I see what it adds to my life. And I feel very good about it.’

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